Two eyes...four controls...one brain. Vision is a two-way street for recording in the brain the ingredients of knowledge and intelligence - and back again as the control by the brain to make seeing possible. This fanciful drawing of a “cross-section” of the head illustrates these two processes. One the reverse is the “Story of Vision” This classic illustration artwork was done by artists from the Disney Studio. 8 1/2” x 11”. Pad of 50.



These winter-themed, whimsical images are a fun alternative to the standard convergence chart, and the full color images. The chart has the following suppression checks and 3D elements incorporated into the graphics: Reindeer...Suppression checks - Left ear and tail...3D effects - Nose and the bells on collar should pop out, the legs on the reindeer’s right side should drop back. Snowman...Suppression checks - Left hand holding the top hat and right hand holding the broom...3D effects - Carrot nose, scarf hanging down, and buttons on the snowman’s body should pop out. Penguin...Suppression checks - Left scarf, right wing/flipper and left foot...3D effects - Pom pom on hat should drop back, beak and cheeks on the penguin’s face and the scarf hanging in front of his body should pop out. Gift...Suppression checks - Left bow loop and ribbon on left and right sides of the box...3D effects - The corner of the box (in the center) should appear closer, the bow should be 3 dimensional with the left end of the bow’s ribbon appearing to come towards you. Pad of 50 charts in full color.



Companion charts to the perceptual-motor training book, “Training That Makes Sense” by A.J. Kirshner. Each chart is a picture of a boy posing his body to resemble a letter of the alphabet. Set of 26 charts printed on card stock. 8 ½” x 11”.



"Trace the 8's has been a great addition for my vision therapy practice. I can use Trace the 8's for my patients with binocular dysfunctions as well as visual perceptual deficits. The way it is designed makes it very versatile and adaptable to many different patient types and disorders. I am constantly finding new ways to use Trace the 8's in therapy. Monica Stotler, OD"

Trace the 8s Visual System is a fun, engaging, therapeutic activity designed to integrate and enhance sensory and perception skills including:

* Visual-motor skills
* Visual-perception skills
* Attention and focus
* Working memory
* Laterality
* Oculomotor skills
* Scanning skills
* Figure ground skills
* Eye-hand coordination
* Sequencing skills
* Speech
* Brain integration

The system may be graded to address varying levels of disability and is appropriate for use with any disability and any age. Each Trace the 8s Visual System comes complete with:

10 progressively challenging charts printed on 5 double-sided sheets in the following sizes:
(2) 8x11 Charts
(4) 11x14 Charts
(4) 11x18 Charts
(2) Dry Erase Markers
(1) Dry Eraser
Instruction Sheet, including creative ideas and product care.



Test your ability to separate left and right brain activity by saying aloud the COLOR in which each WORD is written. Say the word yellow when it spells red. Sound easy? Think again, it's harder than you think! Poster measures 11" x 17"



By Sarah Cobb

This chart is designed to treat strabismus and amblyopia. It can be used for testing and training retinal timing, spelling activities, anti-suppression, saccadic fixation and rotations. The chart is printed in red and green and is designed to used with red/green glasses (not included).