OEP - (ReadAlyzer,VisionBuilder,Wallach Rings, Wesson Cards, and lots more) 2300 York Road, Suite 113, Timonium, MD 21093  Phone: (410) 561-3791 Fax: (410) 252-1719 http://www.oepf.org

ALONA KING - Tools for Vision Enhancement  This is an excellent source for many Red/Green materials, prisms and more! www.tfve.net Phone: 1-208-529-2701

ACADEMIC THERAPY PUBLICATIONS This company has many resources for use by optometrists. Most of their materials can be obtained from OEP. http://www.academictherapy.com/ Phone: 800-422-7249

Aluminum Paint - Used to make your own Polaroid Projection Screen  **MULTIPLE SOURCES** This can be obtained from Michael's Crafts. The paint you want is Krylon Shimmer Metallic. NOTE: According to Bob and Linda Sanet this may look blotchy on the wall but it works great with the vectograms. Use some kind of breathing protection if you use spray paint indoors. AN ALTERNATE:  Cool Roof Coatings - Aluminum.  Many places sell this so you might want to search on the title and see who has this around you.  One place is Henry.  http://henry.com/roofing/coolroofcoatings/aluminumcoatings  Henry Company is in CA: 310-955-9200.  We have no direct experience with this product but it looks very promising.  NOTE: This needs to be thoroughly mixed just prior to use. Have it mixed professionally. Also, this is very messy. Wear old clothes when applying this. NOTE: ANOTHER ALTERNATE: Davis Cool Coat Aluminum Roof Coating.  HDW #267385 UPC Code 7-232526 26738-1.  For those down under in New Zealand and Australia you can obtain Resene Summit Roof Metallic waterborne roof paint, which looks to work as well.  

AMERICAN POLARIZER - Source of Polaroid material for making Polaroid glasses, strips, etc. Order item AP 32-015T Linear Polarizer Sheets, Standard Surface .015” thick. Sheets are 22” wide, 36” tall. August 2006 cost was $170 per sheet.. Address: 141 S. 7th St., Reading, PA 19602 Phone (610) 373-5177 Fax: (610) 373-2229 Web Site: www.apioptics.com Email - Sales@apioptics.com Also: 3DLens.Com: This is an excellent alternate source of Polaroid material. You can purchase sheets or rolls of the Polaroid material with and without adhesive. These are used in devices such as overhead projectors and on the front of laptop LCD computer screens. http://www.3dlens.com/shop/polarizer.php

BEHAVIORAL VISION PROJECT Source of standup stereoscope paper targets for VO Stars, etc. Dr. Barry Cohen 1900 East Carson St., Pittsburgh, PA 15203-1899 Phone: (412) 431 - 5300

BALAMETRICS Source for Belgau boards and many other interesting VT materials. Phone: 360-452-2842 Web Site: http://www.balametrics.com/

BERNELL (Vision Training Products Inc.) A complete line of vision training and testing equipment 4016 N. Home Street Mishawaka, IN 46545 Fax: (574)259-2102 or (574)259-2103 Phone (800) 348-2225 www.bernell.com

CARL'S PLACE can supply custom sizes of silver screens for projected vectograms that maintain the polarization.  These screen can be loosely folded as opposed to rolling up, making delivery to international destinations easier. http://www.carlofet.com/build-your-own-projector-screen

CUISENAIRE RODS/TANGRAMS www.etacuisenaire.com 1-800-445-5985

DA-LITE SCREEN CO. NOTE: Da-Lite has discontinued ALL screens that work with polarization.  This occurred in early 2016.  See "Carl's Place" information above for Polarized screen information.

EDUCATIONAL LEARNING GAMES Source of Parquetry Blocks http://www.educationallearninggames.com/parquetry-block-super-set-20-pattern-cards.asp

FRESNEL - The Fresnel Prism and Lens Co., LLC Source of Fresnel Press-On Prisms and Bangerter Foils 6824 Washington Ave. S Eden Prairie, MN 55344 Phone (800) 544 - 4760 or (952) 496 - 0432 Fax (952) 403 - 7900 Internet: www.fresnel-prism.com

GOOD-LITE Your source for vision testing and evaluation equipment.  The Good-Lite Company is the exclusive worldwide manufacturer and distributor of the  LEA Test System including LEA Symbols and LEA Numbers created by pediatric ophthalmologist Lea Hyvärinen, MD, PhD, of Finland. www.good-lite.com  info@good-lite.com 1155 Jansen Farm Drive Elgin, IL  60123Phone: 847-841-1145 Fax: 847-841-1149    Good-Lite also now distributes the OEPF Retinoscopy Flipper Set which is a set of 4 flippers and a lucite holder that are to be used chair side when doing retinoscopy.  The OEP Clinical Curriculum instructors selected the powers for these flippers. 

HARMON GRAY PAINT FORMULA   Color: Harmon Gray - a custom manual match Product: Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint Interior Latex Satin Base: Extra White, A87W00151-16 or 650041361 BAC colorant formula: B1-Black5/32 + 1/64 + 1/128 R2-Maroon1/32 + 1/64 Y3-Deep Gold34/32 + 1/128     Alternate from ACE Hardware: Using flat wall acrylic paint - Ultra White 310 (tint base)

Ingredient Formula
B 0  16  0
C 1  10  1
R 0   8  0


HIGH NOON BOOKS This is an excellent source for reading material at various graded levels to be use during vision therapy activities This is a division of Academic Therapy Publications which also has many materials that are excellent for optometric use. Phone: 800-422-7249 Website: http://www.academictherapy.com/support/abouthnb.tpl

HOYLE Source of various styles of pencil grippers. Minimum order of $75.00 P.O. Box 606 Fillmore, CA 93016 Phone: 800-345-1950 Fax: (805)-524-5496 Website: http://www.thewritingpenstore.com/penandpencilgrips.aspx?gclid=CKKqisTk_ZwCFQkIswodiBXzcA This is one of many.It is best to search the web using: "Hoyle Pencil Grippers" for current deals

HTS Source of Computerized Home Vision Therapy Program 6756 S. Kings Ranch Rd., Gold Canyon AZ 85118 Phone 1-800-346-4925 Email - HTS@HomeVisionTherapy.com Website: http://www.homevisiontherapy.com/

KEYSTONE Source of Fusion Games & other VT equipment. 2200 Dickerson Rd. Reno, NV 89503 Phone: (866) 574-6360 or (775) 324 - 2799 Fax : (800) 893-9018 or (775) 324 - 5375 Email: sales@keystoneview.com Website: www.keystoneview.com

LS&S Source of the 2X telescope recommended by Allen Cohen to use for predicting amblyopia treatment outcomes. Ask for Specwell 2x8 Monoc Telescope. Phone: (800) 826-4200 Also purchasable from LSS at:http://www.lssproducts.com/product/4870/specwell-monoculars

MAGNETIC PRIMER PAINT Use this in your office prior to applying the top coat. Then the entire wall surface will allow you to use magnets to hold object to the wall rather than using push pins. The following link is to just one of many sites that have this paint available. www.rustoleum.com/CBGProduct.asp?pid=127 Here is a link to instructions about how to get excellent results when using the magnetic primer paint http://interiordecorating.suite101.com/article.cfm/use_magnetic_and_chalkboard_paints

METRONOME (ONLINE) A free computer metronome which is available to those with internet access. www.metronomeonline.com Many patients do no not have metronomes at home, so this works well for them. If their computer is not located where they do their VT, they may simply tape it and use a portable tape player wherever it is needed.

OEP - (ReadAlyzer, VisionBuilder, Wallach Rings, Wesson Cards, and lots more) 2300 York Road, Suite 113, Timonium, MD 21093  Phone: (410) 561-3791 Fax: (410) 252-1719 http://www.oepf.org

OPTEGO VISION INC Most economical source of accommodative flippers. They have an extensive range of powers including prism flippers. In addition they will custom make any power flippers you would like.  **New product: OEP Chairside Diagnostic Flipper Set** Address: 341 Deloraine Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M5M 2B7, Canada  Phone 1(416) 780-1289 Toll Free 1(877) 678-3464 Fax 1(877)471-6001 Website: www.optego.com

Syntonic & Vision Therapy Equipment

ORIENTAL TRADING On-line source of Marsdan Ball substitutes. 2 3/4" White Baseballs Product number IN-51/21 1-800-875-8480

Polar Magnetic Steel Chalk Boards The writing surface is a glass-hard, smooth, matte finish on steel for use with all types of chalk. Standard height is 4 ft. Standard lengths -3’, 4’, 6’, 8'. Web site: www.dryeraseboard.com

PRO-MED PRODUCTS Source of the "Pro-Fitter" device, balance boards, etc. 6445 Powers Ferry Road# 199 Atlanta, GA Phone: 1-800-542-9297 FAX: 770-951-2786 Email: sales@promedproducts.com Web Site with online catalog:: www.promedproducts.com

RC INSTRUMENTS, INC. Source of Computer Orthoptics program and equipment. P.O. Box 109 Cicero, Indiana 46034. Phone for Computer Orthoptics/HTS/PTS & more - (800) 346-4925 or (317) 984-9400 Fax: (317) 984-9661 Website: http://www.homevisiontherapy.com/

Red or Green Vinyl Film Useful in many VT activities and are not easy to find. Go to:www.c-lineproducts.com/Covers-Folders.html#31347-P Another source of inexpensive Roscolux theater gels that are used as syntonic filters is: www.fullstageonline.com These large colored sheets are 24" X 25" and are under $6.00. The red-green ones can also be used for VT activities.  

RETINOSCOPY FLIPPERS: Good-Lite also now distributes the OEPF Retinoscopy Flipper Set which is a set of 4 flippers and a lucite holder that are to be used chair side when doing retinoscopy.  The OEP Clinical Curriculum instructors selected the powers for these flippers. 

ROSCO LABORATORIES A source of colored filters for prescribing or treatment.Order the Professional Roscolux Filter set. 52 Harbor View Avenue Stamford, CT 06902 1-800-767-2669 Website: http://www.rosco.com/


STEREO OPTICAL CO. Source of contrast sensitivity Tests, etc. 3539 N. Kenton Ave. Chicago, IL 60641 Phone: (800) 344 - 9500 Fax: (773) 777-4985 Website: http://www.stereooptical.com/

THINKTRACKS - Bob Halapin 34 Regina Street Trumbull, CT 06611 Website: http://www.thinktrack.com/

THE JOURNAL OF COGNITIVE REHABILITATION Source of Soft Tools computer program disks 6555 Carrollton Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46220 Phone: (317) 257-9672 Fax: (317) 257-9674 Website: http://www.jofcr.com/enter.php

VTE VISION TRAINING EQUIPMENT, ITALY This is an excellent source for fantastically made VT equipment. E-mail: info@stresspointest.com Website: www.stresspointest.com Fax: +39 02 24301707

WAYNE ENGINEERING Saccadic Fixator ("Light Board"), Electronic Pen, etc 8242 North Christiana Ave. Skokie, Illinois 60076 Phone (847) 674-7166 Fax (847) 674-7196 E-Mail: wayne@wayneengineering.com Website: www.wayneengineering.com

WILSON OPHTHALMIC Source of Loose Prism Diagnostic set (1/2 to 50 diopter loose prisms in a cherrywood case) Phone: 1-800-222-2020 Website:www.hilco.com