We are pleased to provide this bibliography of optometric and vision articles. Unfortunately, the American Optometric Assocation has stopped offering the services through ILAMO where you could have requested the actual articles you were interested in. Most of the articles in the bibliography can be found on the internet by copy and pasting the title and author information into your favorite search engine. In the future, we will add links to the articles on the internet.

Link Author Title Published Pages Referencedsort icon Date
view Denckla, Martha B., Reader, Mark J. Education and Psychosocial Interventions: Executive Dysfunction and Its Consequences None
view Unknown Study Suggests Boxers Take Annual Eye Exams USA Today 1986 (October 7)
view Unknown Blindness Turns Out the Lights on Seales' Career New York Times 1983
view Long, James A. AOA Sports vision Abstracts
view Unknown Application for Membership Sports Vision Section American Optometric Association
view Young, Francis A. The Etiology of Myopia Optometric Weekly 1965 (July 15)
view Skeffington, A. M. What "Learning Lenses" Mean in the Beginning School Grades -- And Why The Optometric Weekly 1962 (September 6)
view Apell, Richard J. Developmental Lenses for Children The Science Counselor 1956 (September)
view Goldin, Leslie Preventing Eye Injuries New Body 1983 (May/June)
view Hansen, Jeffrey, Coleman, Tim Electronic Games: Do They Hurt Your Eyes