John M. Abbondanza, O.D., F.C.O.V.D.
Vision Care Specialists
30 Turnpike Rd., Suite 7
Southborough, MA 01772
Doctor of Optometry, NEWENCO, May 1988
Bachelor of Arts, Boston College, May 1983
Trustee, Optometric Extension Program Foundation, 2010 - present
Board Certified in Vision Therapy by COVD, 2005 - present
State Leader, InfantSEE Program, Massachusetts, 2006 - present
Co-Chair, Associate to Fellow Committee, COVD, 2005
Director of Northeast Regional Clinical Seminar, 2005 - present
President, Vision Care Specialists, 2004 - present
Massachusetts Director of Optometric Extension Program, 2003-05
Budget Committee, College of Optometrists in Vision Development, 2004
Co-chair Northeast Congress of Optometry, 1999 - present
Chairman, Board of Trustees, Mass. Society of Optometrists, 1995-96
President, Mass. Society of Optometrists, 1994-95
Legal/Legislative Committee, Mass. Society of Optometrists, 1988-97
Metrowest Leadership Academy, Class of 1992
Faculty Appointment
Adjunct Clinical Professor of Optometry, NECO, 1991
Director of Residency in Pediatrics/Vision Therapy, 2011
Adjunct Clinical Professor of Optometry, SCO, 2011
Professional Associations
Mass. Society of Optometrists, 1988 - present
American Optometric Association, 1988 – present
Optometric Extension Program, 1997 – present
College of Optometrists in Vision Development, 2003 – present
Vision Care Specialists Southboro, MA  6/04 – present Performed primary optometric care with an emphasis on Behavioral Optometry for patients in a newly established office. Performed functional vision evaluations and provided vision therapy for children and adults with binocular (including strabismus and amblyopia), accommodative, oculomotor, and vision related learning problems. Provided routine and problem specific eye examinations,
all types of contact lens examinations and fittings including CRT, medical management of ophthalmic disease, co-managed surgical LASIK, diabetic, cataract, and glaucoma patients.
8/95-6/04 Optical View Framingham, MA
Performed primary optometric care for patients in a private optical practice. Performed routine eye examinations, contact lens fittings
04/13 functional vision evaluations and vision therapy. Developed general pediatric practice with emphasis on vision therapy.
9/93-11/95 Tyler Opticians Leominster, MA Performed primary optometric care for patients in a side by side practice.
3/8/94 Middlesex Superior Court Cambridge, MA Malpractice Tribunal – Provided medical review of malpractice cases
involving optometrists.
6/88-9/93 McGowan Eye Care Center Framingham, MA Provided medical eye care for patients as an employed optometrist in a high volume, ocular disease oriented ophthalmology office. Routine use of therapeutic pharmaceutical agents. Provided pre-op and post-op care, emergency triage, provocative glaucoma testing, diagnostic lacrimal
testing, and other primary care procedures. Performed anterior segment and posterior segment photography, flourescein angiography, and interpreted angiograms.
7/91-7/93 Adjunct Clinical Professor of Optometry NEWENCO
1/98-3/01 Supervised and evaluated optometry students in a fourth year clinical rotation. Taught clinical skills such as indirect ophthalmoscopy, gonioscopy, differential diagnosis of ocular disease, and vision therapy.
04/13 “VT/Visual Dysfunctions”
09/12 “The Art and Science of Behavioral Optometry”
07/12 “Visualization – The Critical Link Between Vision Therapy and
Learning”, “Epigenetics of Autism”, and “Neuroscience Tips for the Day”
at Australasian College of Behavioral Optometry, Melbourne, Australia
and Rotorua, New Zealand
04/10 “A Model of Visual Imagery”
01/08 “Visualization – The Critical Link Between Vision Therapy and
04/05 “Vision Related Learning Problems”
05/04 “Vision, Learning, and Autism”
10/02 “Vision and Learning”
12/01 “Evaluation of the Child with Learning Problems”
04/99 “Optometric Rehabilitation”
11/97 “Vision Related Learning Problems”
02/97 “Headaches, Eye Strain, and Computers”
09/93 “Evaluation of the Optic Nerve Head in Glaucoma”
09/92 “Differential Diagnosis of Glaucoma”
11/90 “Laser Treatment of Eye Disease”
10/89 “Preop Cataract Evaluation and Ultrasound Lab”
10/88 “Cataract Surgery and IOL Implantation”