The Conference on Clinical Vision Care (CCVC) is held on the campus of Southern College of Optometry (SCO) in Memphis, Tennessee, every July. Many refer to it simply as, "The Memphis Meeting." 

CCVC is a unique meeting that draws attendees from all over the world. Students and Residents are welcome (and encouraged!) to attend. CCVC is unlike most CE events you've attended, it's interactive and  invites participation-- everyone is a speaker, and alternately, everyone is a listener as well.

A general topic is announced each year, enticing attendees to come check out this one-of-a-kind event. Once everyone comes together in Memphis, the questions for the conference are revealed and the groups are assigned. Small groups are created and assigned a group leader. The groups disperse to various areas of the SCO campus where they can spread out, discuss, demonstrate, plan, and create- whatever is necessary. Everyone in the group has a voice and shares their experiences-- whether a student, a retired practitioner, a faculty member, atherapist, everyone one can and does contribute.

Later, (with ample breaks and delicious refreshments provided) the small groups come back together as a large group and present their "answers." As a large group we listen, question, share, and discuss. No one person or group has THE ANSWER (often there isn't ONE answer) -- but themes and patterns start to emerge and consensus is reached. Ideas for future research and exploration are realized.

The evenings bring ample time to socialize and enjoy the company of colleagues and friends. There is always time for some Memphis BBQ, touring the iconic sites of Memphis, a trip to Beale Street to take in some live music, etc. 

CCVC is enjoyable for many reasons-- the location, the hospitality, the interactions, the (optometric) family, the new friends, and the growth and learning!  We hope you join us this July for a meeting unlike any other!


Vision's Interaction with Other Senses
19-21 July 2018
Crowne Plaza Memphis- Downtown
300 North Second Street  |  Memphis, TN 38105 |  Call:  901-525-1800
Event Name:  Southern College of Optometry
Room rate: $133 (includes breakfast)
Southern College of Optometry
1245 Madison Avenue
Memphis, TN 38104
Recommended airport is Memphis International Airport
Maximum registration is 60 participants. Register early!

Registration is $200 for all attendees
Student and Resident registration for CCVC is complimentary (on a space available basis)
thanks to the generous contributions from donors to the OEP Mentor Fund.

Registration Form attached below. Please mail or fax your registration to OEP.

Conference registration includes:

Transportation to and from the college 
Lunch each day
Dinner Friday evening
Coffee breaks
Admission to the conference
Continuing Education Certificates
Howard Bacon, OD:
CCVC is sponsored by the Optometric Extension Program Foundation and Southern College of Optometry

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